Our cigars consisting of all natural long leaf imported tobacco. Adhere to the time honored tradition of the Totally handmade cigar.

True to their name, our totally handmade premium blend cigars have each step of their construction completed by hand labor.

After centuries of producing cigars and a myriad of manufacturing techniques tried.
Still, the best cigars are:
Totally Handmade.™

Only a few places in the world posses the perfect elements to produce the best tobacco leaves. Our supper-premium cigars are distinguished by a blend of two specially selected long leaf tobaccos from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua.

The long leaf tobaccos run the entire length of the cigar assuring the same taste along the cigar's length and producing an even burning long white ash.

We offer a variety of six sizes, five parejos and one figurado.

In your choice of Maduro or Connecticut wrappers, one sure to please every preference and every occasion.

Or get a hand of our special blend double ligero figurado we call Novela, in honor of Cuban cigar smoking writer 'Ernesto' Hemingway.

The Novela is a seasonal product and quantities are limited.
Don't delay, get yours today!